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and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared with it." Proverbs 8:11 Amplified

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fragrant Seasons

Step outside, take a deep breath, that’s fall in the air.

I am amazed that dead leaves can have a pleasurable fragrance that defies description.

Just as God has promised, the seasons come and go.

For as long as Earth lasts,
planting and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night will never stop.
Genesis 8:22

For me, each season has a fragrance of memories.

Spring: rain, hyacinths, new grass

Summer: flowers, fresh mown grass, chlorinated water

Fall: pumpkins, dead leaves, turkey

Winter: snow, smoke from chimneys, Christmas trees

What are some fragrances that you associate with each of the seasons?

Image: Morguefile


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to be able to find joy in everything? I love you my friend!

Wendy Love said...

I love your description of fall...fall is my favourite season! I love the smell of the fresh air, the colour of the air at around 6 pm (pinky/purple) and of course the colours of the leaves...absolutely artistically magical. The other seasons just don't touch me the same....

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous image and imagery, Diane!

Spiced cider envelops me in memories.
Pumpkin and pecan pie tickle my sweet tooth.
Orange pomanders coax me back to grade school.

So when can you come over to make some new fall memories? Maybe we can graduate to spiced coffee and gourmet dessert!

Love in Him,
Selah the Sweetooth

Need More Words said...

Helen, finding joy in everything for me comes mostly because of Christ in my life. How can a person not be joyful?

Wendy, yes I love the colors of fall too. In Colorado Springs we don't see the vivid colors that the trees display in Illinois, where I grew up.

Selah, You are making me very hungry. Pecan Pie should be a sin. Spiced Coffee sounds good too and what gourmet dessert are you suggesting?

Terri Tiffany said...

I love the smell of fall--what is nice is I've even found it here in Florida. TOok a few years but there is a distinct smell. I think it is the air--less humidity. I was out in Seattle and oh my, did all the wondeful sites and smells remind me of the season:)

Denise Miller Holmes said...

Fall leaves and the smell of fires burning in fireplaces. People are just crankin' up their fireplaces after a long, hot summer. I like that.

Need More Words said...

Terri, It seems no matter where we are there are seasonal smells, even if the weather does not change drastically we know there is a change.

Denise, What long hot summer are you talking about girl? To me it was a short cool summer this year. I am not ready for winter, a long fall would be nice but Colorado seems to have a mind of it's own already, wanting to skip fall and head right to winter.

Toknowhim said...

I love the look of your blog...all the Fall leaves... Just wanted to stop by and tell you thanks for partcipating at the Cafe this week. I need to not complain as well :)

Blessings and come back every Thursday for another question...feel free to visit me at my blog too...

Need More Words said...

Toknowhim, Thanks for checking out my blog.
I went to your blog. Your pictures are wonderful and your boys are really cute.
I enjoy all who contribute to the Cafe, fun and thoughtful things.

tonya said...

Fall is my favorite time of the year! Love your picture. :)

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

That photo is beautiful! I'm so excited about Fall!

I have a candle I light all the time that smells like autumn. I'm not sure what's in it exactly, but there's this incredible spice that makes me envision crisp breezes even in high summer. I love summer and I really love Fall!!