"For skillful and godly Wisdom is better than rubies or pearls,
and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared with it." Proverbs 8:11 Amplified

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amazing People

“Hi, how are you?”

Who doesn’t say that dozens of times in a day. It is said to strangers and to people we see frequently. I want to talk about the ones we see frequently. What do we know about them?

I was at church last night and was talking with a man I have known on a casual greeting basis for over five years. He was talking with several of us and told us how God has used him because he reads and studies his bible and knows the Word of God. I confess that I didn’t see him he as the “type” of person who would be used in the way God has used him. I was especially surprised when he said that he was asked to teach a youth group for a period of time, and if he hadn’t moved, would probably have been put in leadership over that ministry. I believe he was speaking the truth because he is a man of integrity, but I just could not picture him in that role. There is more to this man than meets the eye.

What is really sad is when we have become friends with a person and we think we know them. We talk on the phone with them, eat lunch with them and then find out at their memorial service that we knew nothing about them but very superficial things.

Do we know the people we labor alongside, at work, at church, in ministry? I know we really do care about getting to know people but it takes time, and how many of us are willing to take the time to ask and listen?

Maybe a better question when we greet people should be, “Hi, Who are you?”

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moments in Time

There are experiences in life when we would like to stop the world and suspend that moment in time, capture it in some way that we might be able to draw it back at a later time because right now the day is calling to us.

My husband and I had taken a walk and it was a day that the Colorado sky was that beautiful intense blue that I have only seen in the mountain air. I wanted the sky to stay just like that. I did not want to have to turn around on our walk and head back home, but it was time.

Time, in our minds, is what draws us away from those special moments; we are always hurrying on to the next thing on our list.

Embrace what is before you, take a picture in your mind, you may never come to that place again. We find that the simple things are the ones we most cherish.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vertically Challenged Part 3

In the 70’s my husband and I were looking for a new car. Datsun had just introduced their sports car the 240Z to the U.S. We loved it; it was sleek, beautiful and low to the ground, really low to the ground. We headed to the showroom. I slid into the driver’s seat of that lovely vehicle and imagined myself gliding down the highway with all heads turned toward my car, seeing their open mouths going WOW.

Then my shortness reared its ugly head again. The car had a standard transmission, which I didn’t have a problem with, I preferred one. However, with the car seat all the way forward I still could not depress the clutch far enough to engage it. UGH! We spoke with the salesman and I thought he would tell us that they could reposition the seat so that it could be moved further forward. Unfortunately we did not have a salesman who had attended the Dale Carnegie course, How to Win Friends and Influence People. With a smile and a laugh in his voice he said that they could put blocks on the pedals like they do for children who can’t reach the pedals on their bike. He lost a sale that day and we kept looking for a car.

When my husband and I go out to eat we like to sit in a booth, it is more private but tell my why are booth seats so low? I feel like my chin is sitting on the table. No, I do not want a booster seat!

Here is another one. Have you noticed that clothing stores hang their small sizes up high? Who can reach them? Only those who don’t wear them.

Okay, jump in here all you who are vertically challenged. Let me hear your stories.
Image: Morguefile.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vertically Challenged...Part 2

Grocery shopping is an adventure for those under 5’ tall.
When the item I want is on the top shelf, at the very edge, I can reach it with some stretching. But if that first can or box is gone then the challenge begins. I stand on the bottom shelf, if I can get my foot there, and I can sometimes grab what I want. If the item is back any further I look through my purse for something that is long and ridged, like a comb and then I reach up and try to scoot that item to the edge of the shelf. I have had a few things fall and almost hit me on the head. Did you know that grocery shopping could be hazardous to your health, and I’m not talking about what you purchase to eat? If I have nothing in my purse I begin looking for a store clerk or a customer who is tall and ask for their help. Sometimes I don’t need the item bad enough to go through the gymnastics to get it.

When I am at church, conferences or any place where I am sitting in a chair taking notes I have to cross my legs to keep my book from sliding off my lap, it gets very uncomfortable after a while. Folding chairs are agony for me to sit on for long periods of time; they just don’t fit my body.

I need a desk that is custom made so that I don’t suffer the pain in my shoulders and neck from my hands being at a straining angle when writing or using my lap top. If I raise my chair so that my hands can be in the correct position my feet are not on the floor but on the legs of the chair, as I am seated as I write this. Putting the lap top in my lap doesn’t work unless I can be seated in a very low chair because the lap top would not stay on my lap; it tends to go the direction my knees are facing, that is down towards the floor.

More adventures will be coming. How do you cope with the above issues if you are 5’ tall or under?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vertically Challenged...Part 1

I have a handicap. It’s not a handicap that earns me a special parking place, but I do have limitations. I will be sharing about this over the next few blogs.

In “politically correct” terminology I am “vertically challenged.” To individuals 5’0” and under the world is “super sized.” The average height for U.S. women is 5’4” to 5’5”.

So what is the big deal about a few inches you ask?

I have lived my adult life looking at the world from the perspective of 5’ and did not realize what I had been missing until I tried on a pair of my daughter’s 5” platform shoes; she stands 4’11” tall. These shoes did not just have a high heel but the actual bottom of the shoes was 5” high. When I first put them on I was afraid of falling off of them and injuring myself but once I got my balance I walked around my house seeing things from a new perspective. By the time I took the shoes off I was mad at the world and felt cheated. Do you have any idea what a difference 5” can make????

I could see out the window above my sink and I could reach the top shelf in my cabinets. The view was breathtaking from way up there.

If I was 5” taller I could sit in a chair, all the way back in the chair, and still have my feet on the floor. Shopping for furniture is a chore, not a pleasure for me. I try every sofa and chair that looks even remotely like it might fit me and stand up disappointed.

I will be sharing many more hazards of being short but I am putting a call out to all you “short” people to share some of your adventures. Let me know what you have experienced.

Image: Sheilaellen via Flickr

He is Risen

"Do not be amazed and terrified; you are looking for Jesus of Nazareth Who was crucified. He is risen; He is not here. See the place where they laid Him." Mark 16:6

Saturday, April 11, 2009

In the Tomb

Saturday: darkness, hopelessness, sorrow.
Jesus’ body occupied the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. His disciples were devastated. They did not understand what he had been trying to tell them, it would not be a permanent death.

Holy one,
Humble one,
Loving one,
Merciful one

Wounded for my transgressions
Bruised for my guilt
Bearing my iniquities
That I might be free

Death on a cross
Buried in a carved out tomb
Three days of despair
In exchange for eternity

Diane Shaw 2009

Tomorrow we sing.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. Phil 4:11-12 NIV

Do you think Jesus was content in the circumstances he found himself in, hanging on a cross?

Jesus knew his purpose and He was content to fulfill it even through the pain of the scourging and crucifixion.
"Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done." Luke 22:42 NIV He didn’t take any short cuts.

He was focused for our sakes. The Father’s love for us is beyond our comprehension.

My Pastor has three wonderful sons and he has often said that there is no way he could sacrifice any of his sons for any of us, even though he loves his congregation. His love for his sons is so great that he would do anything to preserve their lives, not give them in sacrifice.

If there had been another way to redeem mankind from the separation caused in the garden, God would surely be the one to know how it could happen. There was no other way but the way of the cross for Jesus.

God is pleased with us when we have the same unwavering focus to go the direction He is leading us. I wish I could say that I am one who is quick to obey when He calls. Sometimes I am, but other times I dig in my heels and argue with God. Right now I am struggling to be content with something I think God is asking me to do. It will take my time, energy and commitment. When I make a commitment I give it 100%, so there would be no turning back. I am not out to impress anyone with what I can do. I refuse to say yes to God until I can say it from the depths of my heart, He knows the truth anyway.

I am thankful that Jesus did not argue with His Father or hesitate. He gave it his all.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Night and Day

Last night driving to church was an adventure. Blowing snow, icy streets and lots of cars made for a very slow trip. My 20 minute drive became 45 minutes of alertness and prayer, “angels, don’t let anyone slide into me and don’t let me slide into anyone.” I’m glad I left early. I arrived in the parking lot at 7:00pm, I made it on time!!!

This morning the sky is so beautifully Colorado blue and the snow is a clean, bright white.

I sat with my cup of tea (see previous post) looking at my back yard. There were three Mule deer enjoying our hospitality. Momma was eating off the Pinion pine and one of the young ones, born last year, was munching on a Yucca plant. The other young one was still curled up from the night.

When there is snow on the ground it is easy to tell where the deer have bedded down, just look for the oval bare spot.

It was such a contrast from last night’s tense drive on icy roads.

It makes me think of the times when we have had a rough day and we know we have blown it. We know that it was a day that we were not pleasing to the Lord. Not that we did some huge, horrible sin but we know we could have done better. The argument with one of our children just before they went to bed and then the disagreement with our husband about how we handled the situation. Those are the icy road, blowing snow days.

But God is so gracious to us, His Word tells us:
Yet there is one ray of hope: his compassion never ends. It is only the Lord's mercies that have kept us from complete destruction. Great is his faithfulness; his loving-kindness begins afresh each day. Lam 3:21-23 TLB

MERCY! Thank you Lord for your daily mercy, we so badly need it.

And he doesn’t stop at mercy. He always gives more.

His anger lasts a moment; his favor lasts for life! Weeping may go on all night, but in the morning there is joy. Psalms 30:5 TLB

JOY! He promises us joy in the morning!

What a wonderful God we serve. He knows our painful stumbling and provides the balm of Gilead to heal.