"For skillful and godly Wisdom is better than rubies or pearls,
and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared with it." Proverbs 8:11 Amplified

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Summertime is over and it was a hot one in Colorado Springs. We have enjoyed some spells of rain with beautiful thunder. I love to feel enveloped by it when it rolls on and on.
In June I attended the Glen Eyrie Writer’s Workshop and it was fabulous. If you are looking at conferences for next year I recommend this one. I had such a great time with the featured writers/speakers, Angela Hunt, James Scott Bell, Nancy Rue, and Kathy Mackel. We laughed and learned. The location is beautiful, lots of places to walk, hike and spend peaceful time with God. It doesn’t get much better. The picture is of the members of Words For The Journey Writer's Guild with author James Scott Bell.

In July my husband and I headed to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for a family reunion with his brothers, his sister and their families. We had fun, his family knows how to have a good time. I did learn a very important lesson: Don’t go to Florida in July, can you say hot and humid, record breaking temperatures.
Family picture without all the kids.

July 28th our writer’s group Words For The Journey had a write-in at the Broadmoor, lots of ladies came and the click, click of computers could be heard all day.

August has been a hot month in Colorado Springs. I have spent the month reading and playing with my granddaughter. Did I mention that I will be a grandmother again in November, another girl is expected. Yeah!

This last week of August has been an unpleasant one for me, I picked up a bug and spent a whole week in my house. I am still recouping from the cough and I need to recoup fast, because I have a busy week ahead.

Monday I will be getting my hair done, it is time for a trim and color. I wonder how gray I am? Not ready to find out yet so, touch up here I come. I would like to try a new style but I have no idea what look I would want. Ugh, hair issues, you love them and hate them at the same time. I’ll also be spending time with my granddaughter.

Tuesday evening our writer’s guild Words For The Journey will kick off our return to meetings, we took a break during the summer. The guest speaker will be author Robert Liparulo. The meeting will be held at the Barnes & Noble Lone Tree by Park Meadows Mall. Join us if you are in the vicinity, we start at 7pm.

Wednesday is church night and also more time with my granddaughter.

My daughter Coleen will be flying into Denver from Kansas City on Thursday morning. Thursday night my other kids and families will be congregating at my not very clean house, remember I have been sick for a week, for dinner.
Friday morning Coleen and I will leave for Silverton where she will awaken on Saturday morning to begin a 48 hour running race. She has participated in many ultra runs; she completed the Leadville 100 mile run last year. She takes after her dad who has run many ultras. You can read my story about them in the Chicken Soup for the Soul Runners book that came out in July.

See what I mean about a busy week.

I am planning on September being the month I settle down and get serious about my writing again. I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you had a summer full of fun, frolic and fulfillment.


Jim said...


What a busy, HOT, summer you have had!! I pray the return of cooler weather (soon?) will bring inspiration for your writing. The right side of your blog is getting busy with all those credits to your name--I pray that continues as the Lord leads you in your writing.



DenaNetherton said...

Hi Diane, I'm looking forward to your regular posts again. Sounds like you had a busy summer.