"For skillful and godly Wisdom is better than rubies or pearls,
and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared with it." Proverbs 8:11 Amplified

Friday, October 29, 2010

NaNoWriMo Confession

Monday November 1, NaNoWriMo kicks off. For the third year I am setting aside the month of November to write a novel of 50,000 plus words.

The story that is rolling around in my spirit is going to be a difficult one to write because it will deal with heavy issues. After I had the idea I wanted to put it aside because I am so unqualified to write the story and it will require a lot of painful research, not painful to me, but for those I will seek out for the help I need.

I asked God if this was my idea or if it was the story He wanted me to write. He confirmed this was the direction He wanted to me go. Each time I think about this story the tears want to come.

It will be a story of healing and redemption but there will be much pain in getting to that place. Knowing this, I feel the weight of this project.

This morning while reading in the book of John so many scriptures spoke to me of God’s guidance over this story. I realize I need an extra heavy dose of inspiration and I should start each writing day seeking the Holy Spirit’s help.

I took the scriptures from John and made them into a personal prayer. I will lift this prayer to God at the start of each writing day to remind myself: I am not alone in this and I better not go off on my own tangents but have an ear to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to me. This will be the start of each of my writing days.

Father, your Word says to make use of the Light while there is still time, may I be the light bearer that you have called me to through my writing.

I thank you that the stories I write are not my own ideas, but the Holy Spirit will tell me what the Father says to tell me. I know His instructions lead to eternal life; so whatever He tells me to say, I say!

Father, I haven’t any idea where I am going with the story, so how can I know the way? I thank you that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and He will lead me in this. This is Your story.

“The words I say are not my own but are from my Father who lives in me. And He does His work through me.”

I pray I stay attached to You during this time of consecration to this work, for apart from You I can’t do a thing.

I remind myself Father that You chose me. You appointed me to go and produce lovely fruit always, so no matter what I ask for from the Father, using Jesus name, Father, you will give it to me.

Father, thank you the words You give me for this story will be used by the Holy Spirit to convince the world of its sin, and of the availability of God’s goodness, and of deliverance from judgment.

May love, grace and mercy ring through this work bringing healing and deliverance to the captives.

May I keep distractions to a minimum during this time but also include in my life the people You send to me.

Father, bring glory and honor to Your name.

In Jesus name I pray,
       Scriptures: John 12:28, 12:36, 12:49 14:5, 14:10 15:5, 15:16, 15:26 16:8

Happy writing to all who are participating in NaNo 2010.
       My NaNo user name is Shortstuff if you would like to follow my progress.


Deborah said...

Don't forget to laugh while writing this story... sounds like you will need some comic relief...

Makes me wonder how many other NaNoWriMo writers prays about their story before they start writing? Can't wait to see the outcome of this God inspired, Holy Spirit breathed book...

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Thank you Deborah. Someone else mentioned today that I will need to take care of myself with some lightness in my life while I am in the midst of this.
Hope to see you at the write-ins. Will you be attending the NaNo kick-off meeting on Sat. the 30th at 7pm. It will be at Panera on Powers.

smithsk said...

Your struggles with writing your story - feeling unqualified, not sure where you are going - imitate life. Yet, the Good Lord asks us to trust Him and walk by faith, not by sight.

Dittos Deborah. Can't wait to see what becomes of it.


DenaNetherton said...

Diane, that is my prayer each day when I sit down to write. I'm finishing a novel, with about 20,000 words to go, so that will be my November goal. Good luck on your project. I will pray for you!

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Dena, thank you for your prayers.
I hope your project goes well for you too.

Jan Parrish said...

Congratulations. That is quite an accomplishment!