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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Check Engine Light

I am sitting at home waiting until it is time to take my car to the mechanic. Yesterday the dreaded check engine light appeared. My car was serviced on Feb. 11 for an oil change and inspection so that light turning on was not a welcome sight.

I am quick to want to have it checked. I don't want to break down on the road.

It made me ponder how quick I am with other check engine lights in my life. Am I swift to respond to them?

We know we need to care for all areas of our lives to keep balanced.

Spiritual – Reading God's Word, praying, attending church, praising God

Family – Keeping open communication, forgiving, sharing time, loving

Emotional – Spending time with friends, reading uplifting books, having the ability to laugh with others and laugh at ourselves, knowing our purpose and setting ourselves on the path towards it

Health – Eating right, exercising, getting regular check-ups, proper sleep

Finances – Proper stewardship of what we have, not overspending, sharing what we do have, giving to the kingdom of God

This is not an exhaustive list, just a few things to get you thinking.

Is your engine fine-tuned?

Have you been ignoring the check engine light in any of these areas?


Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Some people just put tape over the light so that they can't see it.

Catherine Denton said...

I have definitely ignored some lights. Health is probably my top at the moment.

Thanks for reminding me to pay attention!
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Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Sadly I've seen the mechanic far too many times these days

<3, New Follower
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