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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Knock Your Socks Off

Dream Enemies Part 3 will be posted on Friday.

I wanted to talk about Customer Service today.

Growing up I was taught customer service is key to a company’s success. Company loyalty was also ingrained in me. You work hard for a company and stay with them and they will take care of you.

It saddens me these two principles, which had a huge impact on the growth and prosperity of our nation, have been tossed aside and the principle that seems to reign now is: Our doors are open but don’t expect us to be excited you are here, we may help you and then again we may not because I don’t know if I will have a job here tomorrow.

Because it has become rare to experience exceptional customer service, knock your socks off service, we are surprised and definitely take note when we are the recipient of it.

Yesterday was a day of pleasure because it was wrapped in this gift.

The morning started with a trip to Rudy’s. A friend from church told me about their breakfast tacos so my husband and I went on a date. The food was good. We each had a taco, you choose your toppings, I had a small coffee (it wasn’t really small) and Bob had a large. This yummy breakfast rang up at $6.15, total, not each. It wasn’t just the food that impressed us but the friendliness of the staff. The manager stopped by and visited us several times. My husband asked if the tacos would freeze well. The manager didn’t know the answer. Bob said the next time we came in he would order a couple of extra ones; we would freeze them and let them know how well they did. Before we left the manager came to us and handed my husband two tacos wrapped in foil. You know we will be going back and we will let them know how those tacos tasted after being frozen.

My next stop was Discount Tire on Forrest Hills Rd. in Colorado Springs where I was having my studded snow tires removed and my regular tires installed. While waiting I was able to observe experts in action. These trained service men watched their customers exit their cars and observed the make of the vehicle. Each person entering was acknowledged even if the service person was involved with another customer. Because I am a repeat customer I am in their computer system. I only needed to give my phone number and my account was displayed. There was more than one car on my record but since they had observed me when I existed my car they knew which one I was getting serviced. I have only one set of wheels and they suggested purchasing a second set to avoid having to pay a mounting charge each time I came in. They showed me what was on sale and what my cost would be. I declined, it wasn’t in my budget, but I appreciated them suggesting it.

After changing out the tires, the snow tires were placed in plastic bags so my trunk would not get dirty. The individual who changed my tires called me to the counter and gave me the paperwork and told me my car would be brought to the front door.

Every customer was taken care of quickly, each phone call handled with efficiency in a personal way. Doesn’t it mean a lot to you when a person actually looks at you and calls you by name? Did I mention how bright and clean the place was and there was free coffee, hot chocolate and tea?

My next destination was Delmonico Cleaners, I love this place. The owners are Christian Koreans and they always have a Christian radio station playing. As soon as a customer enters the shop the owner stops what he is doing and comes to the front. There is always a sincere smile of welcome.

They are experts in cleaning; I have had some bad experiences, but never at this place. The owner carried my cleaning to my car and hung it up for me. I was wished a Happy Mother’s Day and I am always told to have a nice day.

I remember the day I went into the shop and they had small American flags and red, white and blue bunting displayed all over. I smiled realizing what they were celebrating, they had become citizens. It truly was a celebration to them. I congratulated them and smiled all the way home.

You can sense a spirit of thankfulness on them, they are grateful to have the opportunity to own their own business and they understand how important customers are.

I had to share these experiences with you because they made me feel so appreciated and these businesses need to be recognized for the good job they are doing.

Where have you experienced exceptional customer service recently?


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you Diane. I need to start shopping where you shop! My daughter-in-law and I were just talking about customer service - and how good should be the norm, not something we're shocked at. I'm generally quite gracious with those that 'serve' me and it makes everyone's day that much easier when the service is good. Exceptional customer service can turn a day of despair into a day of celebrating, sometimes without us even know what caused the turn around.

Again, I'm happy for your experiences yesterday. God showed you great favor - through His people. Ya gotta love it!

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Helen,I try to always treat those who serve me with respect. They provide a valuable service that I appreciate. In my many jobs over the years I have worked as a waitress and a store clerk. I have a special heart for waitresses, they work hard for little appreciation. I always tip 20% or above. Maybe I can make up for those who are a little tight on their giving.