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Monday, March 30, 2009

What is Your Drink of Choice?

My drink of choice is Hot Tea. I find it very comforting. I am one of those who likes a black tea and I like to drink it strong. I leave the tea bag in the whole time I am drinking it. Earl Grey is my favorite; even the scent of it is delicious.

What is great about tea is that if it cools off or gets downright cold it still tastes wonderful, unlike coffee when it turns lukewarm, yuck.

I am not against coffee and I do enjoy a Starbucks latte, with sugar free hazelnut or their sugar free cinnamon dolce latte. Yum.

For a cold drink it is iced tea. Did that surprise you?

I know I don’t drink enough plain water but why drink it plain when you can take a simple tea bag and make the water something special, something that can take you away from the everyday.

I always seem to have a cup sitting by my laptop or by me when I am reading. Even when I go out of the house I have my travel mug of hot tea.

What about you. Do you have a favorite drink that hangs around you? One that has become your constant companion?


Robbie Iobst said...

Diane, you sound quite British with your love of a spot of tea! :0) I like iced tea, being from Texas where I was weaned on it. I like coffee in the mornings and water throughout the day. But I would have to say my favorite is milk. Yep, I love milk. Only skim milk and usually only at my house, but I love it. :0)

Need More Words said...

Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog.
I see that you enjoy a variety of beverages.
Is that iced tea "sweet" tea or plain?
I have not been able to drink milk for many years, even the little bit of milk I put in cereal bothers my stomach. Oh well.

Rebeca said...

Hi Diane!

I've been meaning to get here for a few days to check it out.

When it is cold outside and I am in a writin' kinda mood, hot chocolate made with Almond Breeze and a drizzle of Hazelnut agave syrup atop a luscious mound of Soy Whip- aaaahhh. I try to avoid too much milk and dairy products as well, so this is a great substitute. We also use Almond cheese. Who knew you could milk an almond?? I try to drink water the rest of the day and once a week or so I enjoy some kind of juice over ice or Chili's Iced Teas. Shoot, now I'm cravin' that chocolate! Fresh squeezed o.j. with eggs benedict is also a fave.

Need More Words said...

Hi Rebeca,
Thanks for stopping by.
What is Almond Breeze? The drink sounds wonderful.

Michele Cushatt said...

My mornings are filled steamy Cafe Verona from Starbucks ... grind it myself right before I brew. Regardless of the season, nothing beats a cuppa. The rest of the day I carry around my favorite blue Camelback water bottle from REI ... filled with nothing but water. Helps even out all the coffee I drink, right???

Nice blog, Diane!

Rebeca said...

Hi Diane,

Almond Breeze is a milk substitute made from almonds and is actually quite good. It comes in Vanilla, Original and Chocolate so you can even just heat that up and ad the Soy Whip. You can get both at the natural food stores like Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods. I forgot to mention I love chai as well, with the whipped cream of course.

Frapuccinos rule when it is hot, though.

No wonder I can't get to sleep-caffeine overload! LOL

Danica/Dream said...

I'm a tea drinker too!

Need More Words said...

Hi Danica,
Thanks for stopping by. Bet you are getting in lots of tea drinking while processing those tax returns.