"For skillful and godly Wisdom is better than rubies or pearls,
and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared with it." Proverbs 8:11 Amplified

Friday, March 26, 2010


Well, I’m back. Did you miss me?

Do you  have those times in life when everything demands to be done now?

Well that is how it has been for me the last three weeks.

I had to take a detour from my writing and I have missed it.

We have a rental property we had to get ready for new tenants. There was painting to do, cleaning, doors to be replaced, a light fixture to replace, new trim to put in, etc. My husband and my son put in many hours and I was working right alongside them.

I am pretty exhausted with all I have been doing and I feel like my word tank is empty.

When my body has a chance to rest this weekend I believe it will all come back as I sit myself down to create, at least I am hoping so.

In the midst of getting the house ready and some other major things happening with family, we got some really, really great news. My son and daughter-in-law will be blessing us with another grandchild. They have a little girl who is three, she is our only grandchild. We are excited for the addition that will arrive in November.

On Wednesday I heard from Chicken Soup about two stories I had submitted. One of my stories for their Running Book is accepted. The book will be out in July.

God knew I needed a boast in the midst of all the happenings in my life.

Life is good; spring is coming to Colorado Springs, sometime. It is snowing as I write this.

Photo: Diane Shaw


Tamika: said...

Congratulations! Wow- I love Chicken Soup for the Soul. Praise the Lord.

Glad to hear you are edging your way back.

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Thanks Tamika. I have missed reading everyone's blogs too. I always love reading about your lives and the wisdom you have to offer.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Congratulations, Diane. Didn't know you were a runner!

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Rayna, I am not a runner but my husband has been running since high school and he is 66yo. He was an ultradistance trail runner, running races of 50 and 100 mile distances up and down mountains. My daughter started running two years ago and she has taken up the ultradistance runs too. I go along to help them at races.

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh you had wonderful news!! COngrats on the story in Chicken soup and YAY on the new grandbaby! I love your building:) And yes, have missed seeing you around.

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Terri, Good news helps prop you up when you are feeling overwhelmed.
The picture of the building in one I took in Leadville, CO last summer. The picture at the top of my blog of the metal bucket of flowers is also one I took on that trip.
It feels good to be back to writing. :)

Robbie Iobst said...

Diane, I know exactly how it feels to have your "word tank empty."
:0) But thank God is in the business of filling it up. :0) So great to see you last night and sit by you at dinner. You are such an encouragement to me! :0)

Faith Imagined said...

Congratulations! God does know what we need and when we need it!!!