"For skillful and godly Wisdom is better than rubies or pearls,
and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared with it." Proverbs 8:11 Amplified

Friday, March 12, 2010


Do you recognize these Old Testament names?

Shummua, Shaphat, Igal, Osea. Palti, Gaddiel, Ammiel, Gaddi, Sethur, Geuel.

These men had something in common, something I hope you don’t share with them.

Are you wondering what they had in common?

They lacked vision. Instead of seeing opportunities, they looked at the difficulties that presented themselves. They focused on what appeared to be impossibilities and they quit.

How do you react when roadblocks present themselves? Do you throw up your hands and quit or do you look for a way around, over, or through the roadblock?

I left two names off the above list they are names of men who had vision and did not let what they saw keep them from what they knew could happen, you will recognize them: Joshua and Caleb.

We remember their names because they did not quit, the other ten men, no one remembers them.

Being in the minority, pushing against popular opinion that says it can’t be done, takes the kind of strength not many people possess. Joshua and Caleb stood up and said, “We can do this”, and the people said, “Let’s stone them.”

Yikes, I doubt you have heard those words when you have shared your vision, at least I hope not. Joshua and Caleb didn’t back down when threatened with their lives and God honored them by allowing them entrance into the promised-land. (You can read the whole story in Numbers 13:1-14:10)

Is it easy to push through to the fulfillment of your vision? God had to tell Joshua three times (Joshua 1:6-9) to be strong and courageous.

Visionary men and women are hard to forget or ignore, they refuse to give up, back down or walk away.

So I ask you “Are you among the two or the ten?”

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Catherine Denton said...

Wow. This was powerful. I hope I'll be remembered.

Jim Marr said...


I pray God will strengthen me to be part of the two "strong and courageous" ones!!


Diane Marie Shaw said...

Catherine, using your writing and your art to reach out to people is using vision. I bet you will be remembered. :)
Jim, It does take stength and courage to stand against what the crowd is saying. So glad we don't go it alone.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, and I am glad I followed the link and got to read your powerful post.
I don't know if I have the vision or not, but one thing I do know about myself is that I do not give up. And the only reason I don't is because of what I call my "mommy filter" - can I tell the kids to do what I tell them to do, if I fail them here. Perhaps that "mommy filter" is all that is really needed to live a life worth living.

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Rayna, not giving up is a powerful stand to take and your children will follow the path that you lay before them. They have a good example in you.

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh wow. Today if you asked me that I would have to say I am not among those who will be remembered for pushing through. I want to quit and run from what I am into in the worst way rather than persevering. Not sure how to turn it around but I'm trying!

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Terri, pushing through is one of the hardest things. I guess a good reminder of one who pushed all the way through is Jesus. When we are so close to Easter our minds go to that good friday when he didn't quit. He did that so that we wouldn't have to suffer the pains of hell but that doesn't mean that all the hard things will be gone from our lives. He gives us the strength to get through them.
When I went through depression I prayed and prayed for God to deliver me but He said, No, you must walk through this but I will walk through it with you and He did. When your strength and resolve is gone you can lean on His. I'm praying for you.

Robbie Iobst said...

Diane, WOW! Really wonderful post. I hope my fear doesn't win out when God asks me to move forward and believe!! Thank you again for supporting me today. It meant the world to me. :0)

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Robbie, I had a great time today and as always you impart such practical things.

Anonymous said...


Nishant said...

This was powerful. I hope I'll be remembered.
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VR Barkowski said...

Great post, Diane. I admit to throwing up my hands on occasion, but it's always in a moment of frustration and it never lasts. It's my way of regrouping. There is no reward in giving up - ever. We have to stand by our beliefs and live them, it's what makes our lives matter. .

DenaNetherton said...

Diane, what a timely post. We writers are so often discouraged and we need to keep our vision ever before us. Thanks.