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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vertically Challenged Part 3

In the 70’s my husband and I were looking for a new car. Datsun had just introduced their sports car the 240Z to the U.S. We loved it; it was sleek, beautiful and low to the ground, really low to the ground. We headed to the showroom. I slid into the driver’s seat of that lovely vehicle and imagined myself gliding down the highway with all heads turned toward my car, seeing their open mouths going WOW.

Then my shortness reared its ugly head again. The car had a standard transmission, which I didn’t have a problem with, I preferred one. However, with the car seat all the way forward I still could not depress the clutch far enough to engage it. UGH! We spoke with the salesman and I thought he would tell us that they could reposition the seat so that it could be moved further forward. Unfortunately we did not have a salesman who had attended the Dale Carnegie course, How to Win Friends and Influence People. With a smile and a laugh in his voice he said that they could put blocks on the pedals like they do for children who can’t reach the pedals on their bike. He lost a sale that day and we kept looking for a car.

When my husband and I go out to eat we like to sit in a booth, it is more private but tell my why are booth seats so low? I feel like my chin is sitting on the table. No, I do not want a booster seat!

Here is another one. Have you noticed that clothing stores hang their small sizes up high? Who can reach them? Only those who don’t wear them.

Okay, jump in here all you who are vertically challenged. Let me hear your stories.
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Marietta said...

Disjointed Words on Height

Since your note I’ve thought about being short, not quite five foot tall. I was always first in line when lining up by height in school. I usually sat in the first row in grammar school – the better to be seen misbehaving. I rarely had blackboard cleaning because I couldn’t reach the top of the board. So sometimes it was good and other times less than wonderful.

In fourth or maybe fifth grade it wasn’t good. We got new desks, which were taller and naturally the chairs were taller too. My problem, once pushed in I couldn’t push myself out because my feet didn’t touch the floor. Therefore I had to have the only “little kid” desk in the class and it was placed right next to the teacher’s desk.

In seventh grade it was good to be shortest because my dance partner for mandatory dance lessons happened to be the best dancer in school. And I was able to keep him for two years until be graduated to high school. What a dream it was to dance with him. That was good.

As my children, nieces and nephews grew they always couldn’t wait to get taller than me, it was their first benchmark. Not too big a stretch for any of them.

I never minded being short, in fact I rather liked it and still do; although it’s not so easy to hide extra pounds on a shorter frame. I feel it’s a state of mind and you appear as tall as you feel. When my confidence level is up people don’t notice that I’m short and in fact are surprised when I tell them how tall I am. Often I’m amazed how short I am when I see myself in a photo because I don’t usually feel that short.

I do have friends that are shorter and then I feel like a giant, which must be how people feel when they are with me. I don’t much like that feeling, so I must be satisfied with my height.

Naturally there are drawbacks, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a ladder. And as the pull of gravity takes it toll I’m now shorter than I was before and so it will continue. But today I feel five feet four inches tall, so it’s a good day.

I certainly hope this is what you were looking for. If not I’ll try again.


Need More Words said...

Marietta, Thank you for your comments.
I laughed when I read about your challenge of sitting in the large chair at school. That would be tough, not being able to reach the floor to push your chair back.
I also have children come up to me to measure themselves against me. I let them know that passing me up in height isn't such a big accomplishment, I only do this with kids I know well that I can joke around with.
I am glad that you are having a "tall" day.