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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vertically Challenged...Part 1

I have a handicap. It’s not a handicap that earns me a special parking place, but I do have limitations. I will be sharing about this over the next few blogs.

In “politically correct” terminology I am “vertically challenged.” To individuals 5’0” and under the world is “super sized.” The average height for U.S. women is 5’4” to 5’5”.

So what is the big deal about a few inches you ask?

I have lived my adult life looking at the world from the perspective of 5’ and did not realize what I had been missing until I tried on a pair of my daughter’s 5” platform shoes; she stands 4’11” tall. These shoes did not just have a high heel but the actual bottom of the shoes was 5” high. When I first put them on I was afraid of falling off of them and injuring myself but once I got my balance I walked around my house seeing things from a new perspective. By the time I took the shoes off I was mad at the world and felt cheated. Do you have any idea what a difference 5” can make????

I could see out the window above my sink and I could reach the top shelf in my cabinets. The view was breathtaking from way up there.

If I was 5” taller I could sit in a chair, all the way back in the chair, and still have my feet on the floor. Shopping for furniture is a chore, not a pleasure for me. I try every sofa and chair that looks even remotely like it might fit me and stand up disappointed.

I will be sharing many more hazards of being short but I am putting a call out to all you “short” people to share some of your adventures. Let me know what you have experienced.

Image: Sheilaellen via Flickr

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Cynical Dirt Doll said...

It is polite and customary when trail running with a group to warn people of hazards ahead.. things like "big root", "snake" "bramble bushes", but when I lead the group, people complain because I don't warn of low hanging branches... but since I go right under 'em, I don't even realize they are low hanging! I've been responsible for friends bonking their heads so I'm not allowed to lead runs anymore.