"For skillful and godly Wisdom is better than rubies or pearls,
and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared with it." Proverbs 8:11 Amplified

Friday, April 29, 2011

Dream Enemies

Are we our own worst enemy when it comes to our dreams?

Do we sabotage ourselves with thoughts like these: I’m too young, I don’t have an education, I’m a woman, I’m too old, I’m afraid, I’m not rich, I’m too fat, I was born on the wrong side of the tracks, I was told I would never amount to anything.

Walking towards our dream is like walking on thin ice, we are sure any minute it is going to give way and we will drown.

Staying where we are is easier than stepping into the unknown. The comfort zone is so comfortable.

What might happen if we turned from the comfort zone and entered the twilight zone?

Our dream just might come true but we will never know unless we take the risk.

One of my favorite risk takers is Susan Boyle. When she stepped on the stage for the Britain’s Got Talent Show the audience snickered.

She was judged before she opened her mouth. If she would have quit before performing, the world would have suffered a great loss.

This is a link to Susan singing "I Dreamed a Dream"

Susan Boyle became a symbol of personal heroism for all those who are stuck in their comfort zone.

This woman who dreamed a dream sold fourteen million albums in fourteen months. If she can dare to dream, so can you and I.

I will be sixty-five-years-old in a few months, it would be easy to use the age card but each time I hear Susan Boyle sing it gives me the courage to pursue my dream.

I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.  Jeremiah 29:11 Message

What thoughts are keeping you from stepping onto the stage of your destiny?


Terri Tiffany said...

Right now? My feelings of inadequacy. My feelings that no matter how hard I try, I might not get there ever. So with that being said, I am trying hard to overcome these thoughts today!

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Terri, you are such an encouragement to others I hope I can encourage you today.
Keep pressing on and pressing through. You know deep in your heart that you can accomplish your dream, it's just your fickle mind getting in the way.
Take those false thoughts captive and fill your mind with the truth, you are more than a conqueror.

Deborah said...

My Great Aunt (Grace Gray Sample) was in her 80's when she had her first two books published...

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Thanks Deborah, that encourages me.